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For the first time in history, children can access high-speed pornography at the click of a button. Has porn become virtual sex education? What alternatives are out there for curious kids? Most of all… why are we not discussing this in our schools?

James Dann and Declan Kenny, two young film makers who have just completed their formative years having been Raised On Porn ©,  discovering why the UK’s sexual education is failing its youth and how it can be corrected, before its too late.

Raised On Porn © explores the effect pornography has on adolescents and their sexual relationships. The genie is out of the bottle, instead of trying to force it back in we need to discuss pornography in our classrooms.

James and Declan assert that our government must implement a sex education system that is conscious of porn consumption amongst teens. Instead of failing to censor the industry, let’s succeed at educating a generation, providing a more open and liberal-minded form of education that addresses and respects young people’s concerns.

With the majority of school children not having the opportunity to discuss what they are viewing at school, porn has illegitimately bridged the chasm between fantasy and reality – what sort of foundation does this lay for their adult life?

Raised On Porn will explore the debate by interviewing porn addicts, porn stars, porn addiction counsellors, sexual health workers, and other activists  – before posing the unavoidable question to our government: why can’t we provide better sex education for our youth?

Don’t censor an industry, educate a generation!

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